Our company is located in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. After crossing the Arakawa River from the Tokyo side, you can shortly find our office on the north of the river. Iron casting has been one of the major industries in Kawaguchi City since around the 16th and 17th centuries, and everyday products such as pots, sickles and iron kettles; agricultural tools such as ploughs and hoes, and items for shrines/temples, such as bells and lanterns have been manufactured in the city. By the 20th century, Kawaguchi City was famous for its iron casting industry, and it is said that its landscape was filled with the chimneys of casting factories sticking out of roofs.

The Olympic flame platform, used at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 was a symbol of recovery from the aftermath of the war, was manufactured in a casting factory in Kawaguchi City. The number of casting factories has now significantly decreased compared to that at its peak; however, there are still many iron works and companies dealing with stainless steel in Kawaguchi City.

Millennium Photo creates metallic photos, mainly those made of stainless steel, in Kawaguchi City.

We are currently looking for sales agencies throughout the world. Please contact us if you are also looking for business partners in a photography-related business.