Q: How many times can you modify products?

A: We will modify products as many times as our customers need until they are satisfied, and this does not require any additional payment. However, once an order is made, the Millennium Photo photo cannot be replaced.

Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos are products which last forever. We will modify them until our customers are satisfied, because we are committed to providing products which completely satisfy our customers. This commitment to high quality takes time to create the best possible work; therefore, we request that customers understand that delays of a few days are possible in delivering ordered products.

Q: I felt that I should have chosen a different photo after seeing a paper sample. Can I replace the photo?

A: In the case of a Stainless Photo: The photo can be changed.

In the case of a Millennium Photo: The photos cannot be changed to a different one. The unlimited free modification service only applies for the same photo. Please note that if a photo which has already been selected is going to be changed to a different cut or a completely different image, this will be treated with as a cancellation.

If the photo needs to be changed after a paper sample is sent, 50% of the cost will be charged as a cancellation fee, and the remaining 50% will be refunded, and the customer will need to place a new order.

Please understand that we apply the above cancellation policy because changing photos for Millennium Photos requires us to start from the beginning and to discard all the work completed up to the creation of the paper sample.

The text, layout and decorations around the photo can be changed an unlimited number of times free of charge; however, changing the photo itself incurs additional costs. Please ensure that you have selected the right photo prior to placing a Millennium Photo order, so that you will not have to change the photo afterwards.

Moreover, if you are not sure which photo is best suited for Millennium Photo processing, please feel free to ask us. We can provide you with expert opinions on which photos are best suited for Millennium Photos.

Q: Can the size be changed after the paper sample is sent?

A: In the case of a Stainless Photo: The size can be changed.

In the case of a Millennium Photo: If only the size of the image is to be changed, it can be changed for free of charge as long the change is between 90% and 150% of the original size.

If the size is to be changed more than the above, it is necessary to redo tasks, and; therefore, this change will be treated as a cancellation and may incur additional fees.

Changing the overall external dimensions may require a re-quote.

Please place your order after deciding the size beforehand.

Q: Can I return a product if I do not like it?

A: All of our products are order-made products, of which there is only one in the world, created based on customer orders. We will not accept product returns because they are different from commercially-available products manufactured through mass production.

Since Millennium Photo’s and Stainless Photo’s are made of metal the impression of the product when viewed on a paper finishing sample maybe different from that of actual product. There is a possibility that the impression of actual product may be different from what you expect. We appreciate it if you could understand this aspect and we recommend you to place an order after viewing the samples of actual products, if possible.

If you are not satisfied with the processing on a delivered product, we will recreate a product following your additional instructions as long as the photo is the same. If a product is recreated, we will charge 50% of the price of the original product for the recreated one; however, we will not accept the original product returned and will not refund the amount paid.

Please ensure that you will give us instructions for work after sufficiently checking and accepting the product on the finishing sample paper.

Of course if you find clear damage on a delivered product or if a product sent to you has a picture different from what you ordered, we will replace the product immediately.

Q: Can you create more than one identical product? Also in this case would you offer any discount?

A: Yes we can. We can create duplicates of an original product by performing the same processes again. The second product and thereafter will be charged at 50% of the original, as long as they have identical details, including text.

If a product has different parts, even if one single difference in the text or other detail, the product will not be dealt with as a duplicate. However, since products are created manually, we cannot precisely create identical products through mass production like with printing. Please consider that the second product and thereafter will be practically equivalent to the original.

Q: If I ask you to create multiple products in different sizes based on the same image, can you offer discount?

A: If the same photo with the same as the original one is used, we will offer a 20% discount from the second product if their sizes and processing are different from those of the original (creating different versions of the same image).

Q: I found the product to be damaged

A: We conduct careful inspections prior to delivery; however, if you find a significant defect with one of our products, we consider that it is due to as having overlooked it at the time of inspection; therefore, we will replace the product free of charge.

However, our products are handmade works of art. It is not possible to avoid fine abrasion marks and other minor marks through manufacturing processes. Please accept such extremely slight damage.

If you would like to replace a product due to damage, please send it through to us after letting us know the condition of the damage.

Q: The product is damaged. Can you replace it?

A: Please contact us before sending the product back, and send it back to us using a payment-on-delivery. We will send you replacement after checking the condition of the damage.

However, we do not accept product returns or replacements if the damage is within the quality standard shown in “Damage to delivered products” at Troubleshooting.

Also, if a product has a defect, it can only be replaced. We will not accept product returns and refunds in any cases. Moreover, we will not be obliged to compensate for damage on the customer side due to replacement.

Q: If a product is replaced due to damage, can you make slight modifications to the product at the same time as when you recreate the product?

A: We will not make any changes to the text or the image when replacing the product.

We will recreate a product if the delivered product is damaged; however, we will only recreate a product which is identical to the original one sent to the customer. If there is a request for changes to be made to a product, even if they are slight, this request will be dealt with as a new order, not a replacement. If the same photo will be used, a product with slight changes will be dealt with as a different version of the original product with the same photo; therefore, we will offer discount of 20% off the standard price of the product to be recreated. In such a case, it is possible to change the size and the brightness. We charge the standard fee for products if the image is replaced with another one, even if they are similar.

Q: Where are products created?

A: They are created in Japan. Finishing sample papers will be printed within the US and will be sent to customers. Also, in addition to US dollars, payment can be alternatively made in Japanese yen, euros or Swiss francs. For details, please ask us.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: It differs depending on where the product is to be delivered. Please ask us.

Q: I have not been able to decide which of two images to be used in placing an order for a product to be created. Can you create two finishing sample papers for these two images so that I can compare the papers before deciding which one will be used for the product?

A: In the case of a Stainless Photo: yes we can. We can create up to two finishing sample papers free of charge.

In the case of a Millennium Photo: since we need to perform work for two different images, we will charge you for two samples.Once you decide which image is to be used after we deliver the two finishing sample papers, we will cancel the one which will not be used at the finishing sample paper stage; therefore, we will refund 50% of the one to be cancelled.

This means that if you order two different finishing sample papers of the same size and through the same processes and if you select one of them to be processed, you will be charged 1.5 times the price of a single product.

If you place an order for a Millennium Photo, we recommend placing it after selecting one image to be used. If you cannot decide which image is to be used, please feel free to consult with us, and we can advise you.

Q: How long does it take from placing an order to receiving the item?

A: Please assume that it will usually take about two months if there is no problem. Please also refer here for delivery periods.

Q: I need the product in a hurry — could you send it more quickly?

A: It depends on how busy we are; however, if you would like to receive your product sooner, please ask us and we will try to ship it as soon as possible. If you would like especially rapid delivery, please see here

Q: How many days does it take to complete at the earliest?

A: It depends on how busy we are, but it takes at least 12 business days after receiving the photo and confirming payment. This is how long it would take for a Stainless Photo flat type in the case that we send you the finishing sample paper once and you accept it on the same day, and if you directly receive the delivery. If you would like to receive the product as soon as possible, please do not request corrections and changes, because this will extend the schedule. If you would like especially rapid delivery, please see here.

If you are not satisfied with the delivered finishing sample, we will accept an unlimited number of corrections until you are completely satisfied; however, please understand that this will cause delays to the delivery.

Q: I do not need a finishing sample paper, so could you please send the product immediately?

A: We always request customers to check the finishing with an actual-sized finishing sample paper before delivery in order to avoid a situation in which a customer feels that the product is different from what they expected after it arrives.

In fact, there are customers who decide to change the size of their product after seeing the finishing sample paper, because they find that it is smaller than expected, and want to enlarge it. It is quite difficult to imagine what the product will look like only based on the dimensions and sample screens. We hope that you can be fully satisfied with the final product. In order to avoid the product not being as you expected, we only produce products after receiving your agreement on the finishing sample paper beforehand. Thank you in advance for your understanding.