Millennium Photo

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Quick info on the run

This is our main product, and is premium grade.

Millennium Photos use SUS316 steel, which has the same high level of corrosion-resistance as that in Stainless Photos, and the materials used for Millennium Photos are completely the same as those for Stainless Photos, which are available at a lower price.

The difference between Millennium Photos and Stainless Photo is in the method of engraving.

With our patented technology (Japanese patents registered, US patents pending) we provide unique images with a three-dimensional feel. This is a look unique to Millennium Photos, which appear in various different ways depending on the angle they are viewed from, and the angle of incoming light. It is not possible to fully express this effect on a website. Please visit our workshop to experience this for yourself. Contact us.

Techniques for reproducing the three-dimensional feel of a person’s face are effective for close-up portraits. These techniques do not work well when a person’s face takes up a relatively small part of the image, such as in group photos. Stainless Photos are suitable for such types of photos.

Stainless Photos can be processed in all of the following types:

Flat type, white frame type, double-sided J-shaped type, single sided J-shaped type, double-sided J-shaped frame type, floating type, tabletop type, and card type

However, in some cases, Stainless Photos cannot be produced in small, business-card sized types.

Since this processing requires a lot of manual work, we cannot replace the photograph after commencing working on it. It is also difficult to significantly change the size or significantly modify the image after the finishing sample is sent. If you like to change the size during the processing, we can change it to between 90% and 150% of the original size free of charge; however, if a change exceeds this range, we will have to redo the work, and the order will have to be cancelled and placed again. Please carefully select the photo to be used and right size before placing your order.