What are Millennium Photos?

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Millennium Photos are photo reproductions engraved on metal plates.

We carve your existing photos on plates made of stainless steel, brass and other materials.

Normal photos usually lose their color with time; however, Millennium Photos do not, and can maintain their color for a very long time.

Millennium Photos are ideal for those who want to permanently keep important photos.

We provide Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos, which are made highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel plates, Color Stainless photos with metallic pigments burned into them, and Brass photos with patina finishing.

A Millennium Photo can be created from almost any kind of photo, such as printing paper, various different types of data, photo negative film, photo positive film, glass plates and various different types of printing materials. We repair photos as much as possible even if they have lost their color or have been damaged. We can process both full color and black and white photos; however, full-color finishing is only available with color-photos on stainless steel or printing with a 3D effect, in which inks are used for printing on paper. For other products, only black and white is available.

We can insert text and designs on photos free of charge.

Long text and messages can also be written on the reverse side of a photo. Customers can see a preview version on paper, and we will consult with our customers in detail to carefully finish each photo individually.

You can revise the preview version as many times as you need, free of charge, until you are completely satisfied with your product.