Building ornaments

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Memorials Graves  Coffins  Portrait of a deceased person Award and commemorative plaques Photos of pets

Millennium Photo is best suited for memorial items which you would like to obtain over a long period of time.

A photo at a grave of the person who passed away can strongly bring back visitors’ memories of them.


Weddings Wedding photos Welcome signs Bridal presents Golden and silver jubilee

Special finishing of photos for special day photos.

Millennium Photos are the best way to embody everlasting love, because it will never lose its color if kept indoors.

Millennium Photos are suitable for wedding anniversary gifts.

Millennium Photo images can be created based on photos taken at weddings. We also can take photos at the event.


Ceremonies Celebrating longevity Honors and achievement awards Birth celebration and birthday School entry/graduation/employment

Millennium Photo is for clearly communicating your feeling of congratulations to the celebrating person.

Millennium Photos, which feel heavy in your hands, can express your strong feelings of celebration to the person receiving the gift.


Gifts Portraits Portable photos Champion photos Photos of caught fish and animals

Data is not a good present, and can be copied without limit.

Meanwhile, photos printed using home printers and a printing store in town are simply paper. They are not sufficient to give as a special present.

Choose a special option for a photo to be sent as a gift.

A Millennium Photo the best option for a gift photo.


Records Family photo Family trees Foundation stones Archive photos

Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos are the best options for retaining photos over long periods of time.

There is no other way other than Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos to retain photos over hundreds of years in a condition which allows anyone to view the photos without using special conservation conditions. It is unlikely that a Millennium Photo or Stainless Photo photos will be physically damage, because they are made of metal, and are extremely strong.

Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos are the strongest way of conserving images.


Business Business cards Celebrating founding a business Celebrating retirement/promotion Novelty

Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos can be used for business cards in place of existing printing. Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos cost more than printing does; however, they give a special premium feeling. Utilize Millennium Photos for your business as a rare tool for special situations and for communicating with executives.


Building ornaments Exteriors Interiors Door plates Signboards

With a large number of features such as durability, beautiful appearance, limited availability, high grade, space efficiency and ease of maintenance, Millennium Photo is the most suitable technique for building ornaments.

Pictures for interior ornaments tend to be drawings, because normal photos give a slightly too strong impression. Moreover, photos can be duplicated, and due to this reason they tend to be thought less valuable in comparison with drawn works, of which there is only one original. Millennium Photos are black and white, with a calm but strong impression. With unique visual effects, Millennium Photos demonstrate excellent performance in creating special spaces.

Millennium Photos are particularly suitable for model interiors.