What are Millennium Photos?

An incredible lifetime

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Photos can be maintained in various formats, such on printing paper, through inkjet printing, on films and in data from; however, photos created through such methods are fragile and have a limited lifetime.

Photos engraved on Millennium Photo and Stainless Photo, made of 100% stainless steel, can be maintained for extremely long periods of time.

The materials used are tougher than normal iron, and; therefore, they do not get easily damaged even if an external force is applied to them, and are also heat resistant. It goes without saying that they are much stronger than paper photos.

Black colors are created by changing the properties of the stainless steel itself, instead of by using pigments or plating with ink or paint; therefore, parts with appear in black color do not peel or fade, and their vivid colors keep forever.

It goes without saying that Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos can be stored permanently when kept indoors; however, even if they are kept outdoors, they will only slightly wear with time, and can be kept almost unchanged from their original condition for very long periods of time because they are made of SUS316, a highly corrosion-stainless steel which less likely to rust than normal stainless steel. How long these photos can actually be retained for varies depending on the conditions of use. For details please see here.

Millennium Photos are incredibly strong and long lasting. With Millennium Photos, you can pass your important photos down to your children and grandchildren.