What are Millennium Photos? An incredible lifetime

The world’s only photo metal engravings

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The long life of Millennium Photos is not their only feature. They have an appearance totally different from other types of photos.

In particular, Millennium Photos have wavy engraved surfaces due to a unique metal plate engraving technique, and these engraved textures reflect light and shine when under a strong light, such as sunlight. Millennium Photos have a totally different sense of refined and sophisticated style from all other types of photos. We developed the first such photo metal engraving product in the world with these characteristics.

Moreover, Millennium Photos reflect light in a different way depending on the angle you look at them from. They have a fascinating three-dimensional appearance, unlike ordinary engravings (however, please note that Stainless Photos do not have this effect).

This three-dimensional appearance cannot be obtained on paper or on a screen, and also cannot be achieved by any other product in the world – this is a special finishing which can only be achieved with Millennium Photos (a patent has already been filed within Japan, international patents are pending, and a patent application is being filed in the US).

Millennium Photos are more expensive than other types of photo-processing services; however, they have unique value which other types of photos do not have. Methods of reproducing photos by drawing lines are old techniques which used to be often used in newspapers and magazines several decades ago. Those over a certain age are probably familiar with black and white photos with whirlpool-like patterns. Such methods result in rough resolution; and therefore, these are no longer often seen in recent years.

We have perfected a totally new photo technology, which are used in Millennium Photos by combining the abovementioned abandoned technology to old techniques of metal processing, and adding an extremely unique improvement.

We are proud of the Millennium Photo technique – it reminds people of films and stories in which ancient advanced technologies are revitalized.

Photos using lines and metal plate engraving processing themselves are archaic technologies; however, we invented a unique and essential technique for Millennium Photos so that clear photos can be engraved on metal with a full tonal range. No other company can copy our technology, because we have already obtained patents for this technique. This technology cannot be used for similar products, so without this technology, black parts tend to be dull, resulting in vague pictures with poor tones in shadow and highlight areas. Millennium Photo is the world first and only technology of this type, and is totally different from the following existing products.

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