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Metal plate printing is a processing service in which photographs are printed onto metal plates. It only involves attaching images onto the metal surfaces of the product, whereas Millennium Photos and Stainless Photos engrave onto the metal plate itself.

Processing in which photo images are attached to media other than paper has been performed since a long time ago.

Various combinations of photographic emulsions and sealers which can be used for support media are well known, such as methods of transferring images through instant film emotions, e.g. Polaroid, and art emulsion in monochrome.

Methods used in block printing and printing include screen printing (silkscreen printing) and intaglio printing, and while they basically use one color (monotone), they can be made into multicolor by using multiple printings.

In recent years, it has been possible to print on various types of media other than paper, such as with inkjet printers and thermal transfer printers, and there are also services for printing on metal and plastic materials, which have higher weather resistance than paper. Since effects are good when using bright colors, these are appropriate for use where only a little durability is required. However, images with color attached to metal or plastic are simply stuck on, and they come off when rubbed.

This is very different in terms of image robustness and durability than Millennium Photo. Also, a disadvantage of this type of painting gradation information onto metal surfaces is its characteristic that the image is difficult to view depending on the angle. In printing on metal signboards and metal boards, bright part of the photo become almost bare parts of the shiny metal base material, and; therefore, the image sinks depending on the angle of light reflection, and becomes difficult to view. Also, if there is insufficient ambient light, the image will be mostly invisible.

With Millennium Photo, this is completely different, and the bright part of the image change depending on the angle of the light and the angle from which the images viewed. With Millennium Photo, the image can be clearly seen at any angle, is not difficult to see at certain angles, and the image can be viewed in various ways. When you pick up a Millennium Photo image in your hands and tilt it left to right, you will see reflected life changing as you move it. Of course, you can also see the image clearly even in a dark place.